Monday, October 6, 2008

Soulmates . . . or something like it

(Introductory Note: I decided to start this blog as a place for my random thoughts, musings and 'profound' moments. Perhaps people will stumble across this blog and have a good laugh at something random I say. Perhaps others will take solace in finding someone that agrees with their line of thinking. Perhaps no one will ever read this but me. And that's all fine with me. Sometimes I think of things and just feel the need to get them written down. So this is what I intend to do with this first post and future posts.)

I have a friend who is my soulmate. Not in a lesbian, sexual sort of way. Although, I must admit that she cannot refuse, when the timing is just right, to shock someone with a lesbian innuendo comment or two. The concurrent look of certainty and uncertainty together on the other person’s face is, to be honest, almost more than I can bear without breaking into uncontrolled hysterical laughter. You know they desperately want to assume you ARE lesbian, but they aren’t 100% sure and they realize it just wouldn’t be PC to outright ask you. So they pause just a moment and desperately hope you will clarify the situation. We don’t. She loves to mess with people in this way and she’s very good at it. I love to laugh when she does so. She’s very perceptive of others and always manages to say the thing that everyone is thinking and no one wants to say. And she manages it with such straightforwardness and humor that it is truly impressive. There are many things in life that make me happy, but only a precious few that truly make my soul happy. This friend is one of the latter.

Having someone in my life who I know is my soulmate in what I think is a non-traditional sense made me ponder the whole concept of ‘soulmates.’ I believe soulmates are not what we tend to think they are. My understanding of the traditional concept of a soulmate is that there is a person in everyone’s life who is their one true soulmate, partner and lover. I could be wrong on this general understanding, but it’s late and I’m not inclined to do the research tonite (although this decision goes against my very nature and I'm fighting the urge to do a Google search and spend another hour researching it). However, I am not convinced that we each only get one soulmate and that they are necessarily our lovers or partners. No, I think there maybe there are degrees or levels of soulmates and even different types of soulmates for every person. This is my personal experience, otherwise I could not explain those numerous people in my life with whom I feel this connection. The friend I mention above is one of them. She has others in her life that are also soulmates, as do I. It’s my personal experience that leads me to my understanding of the term ‘soulmates.’ I expect that there are many who don’t believe in soulmates, many who will agree with my belief of soulmates, and many whose experiences will lead them to a completely different belief of soulmates.

The beauty of it is that we are all right.