Monday, May 24, 2010

The Silence of Nature


I went to the park to find the silence of nature. It was a new park I had not been to before and I was excitedly looking forward to my visit. Close enough to town that you can hear cars and planes if you listen. But I don't. I tune them out. I want to enjoy the silence of nature away from the city noises. I picked a quiet secluded garden spot and sat down to read. I tried to read but found myself constantly interrupted and distracted with noise and unable to do so. The sounds which so incessantly interrupted me? The wind blowing through the trees; the birds chirping and singing; squirrels and birds foraging in the brush; the old eucalyptus tree creaking in the wind; leaves rustling and falling to the ground. A noisy hummingbird darts about. Its wings beating loudly like a motor draw my gaze. I look up and find his eyes staring into mine as he pauses and hovers no more than 2 feet from my face looking at me as if he had found something new and interesting to see in the park. These are the sounds I hear.

I went to the park to find the silence of nature. I found its heartbeat instead.

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