Friday, February 4, 2011

This Chicken Is Making Me Fat(ter); So I'm Turning It Bionic

This is my nemesis.  At least it's my nemesis for this week.  The chicken, not the carrots.  Duh.  The Chinese restaurant where I buy it calls it Spicy Thai Chicken.  I suspect they aren't making this particular dish in Thailand.  Do they use a lot of Jalapenos in Thailand?  I think not.  It's OK.  I can get over the misnomer.  What I can't get over is the 2 pounds I gained this week because of my "need" to eat this spicy, spicy dish 3 days in a row.  Just when I was doing so well . . . 

My mission this weekend is clear:  make a better, healthier version.  Less frying, no breading, all the great spicy hotness.  Less chili oil?  Definitely. This version is practically floating in it.  Seriously.  Before eating it, I deconstructed it so I could attempt to guess at what spices where used.  (Apparently I think I am a human mass spectrometer. Google it. Or better yet, just watch NCIS; Abby will enlighten you.)  Anyway, I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, deconstructing my food.  I could see the chicken was practically infused with the chili oil.  So that tells me I should probably marinate the chicken in some sort of chili type paste and/or liquid before cooking it.

Ooh, and I'll need a catchy name for it.  I can't call it Spicy Thai Chicken.  It's spicy but it's not Thai and, well, that name's already taken.  But it needs a name that will reflect it's remarkable improvement.  Yes, I have confidence in my abilities here!  And after all, it WILL be better for me and a remarkable improvement for my health.  Hmmmm . . .  I'll rebuild it.  Better, faster, stronger . . . THAT'S IT!  I'll call it "Bionic Chicken."  Better, healthier, hotter.  OK, maybe not hotter because it's pretty darn spicy as it is, but at least as hot.  Then I'll make about a week's worth of them, bring them to work and I won't have to worry about giving into my craving for its unhealthy version.  YES! 

Oh, and I probably shouldn't forget my carrots either.  Crudites are always a good accompaniment.

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