Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Problemly Anthrax...And I Don't Mean The Band

From my Twitter stream this morning:

(Yes, it's backwards, ya'll, that's how Twitter works! I don't know why I say, ya'll, I'm not even from Texas, but I do. Deal with it.)

Cheryl3660: And now I'm on an FBI watch list because I said Anthrax on the internet 3 times and I wasn't even talking about music.

Cheryl3660: From Anthrax poisoning, because this couldn't possibly be a cold.

Cheryl3660: I'm sorry did I say "pay homage" out loud? I meant
"visit." You should all visit me before I die.

Cheryl 3660: Sore throat and a cough. Must be Anthrax
poisoning. You all should come pay homage to me on my deathbed.

And for those of you who are about to comment to me that "problemly" is not really a word . . . it is now: http://thebloggess.com/?p=4667 My spellcheck hasn't yet learned that problemly is a word either, so don't feel bad because you didn't know.

If no one finds this amusing other than me, I blame the cold. I mean Anthrax poisoning. SEE! It's affecting my ability to think clearly already!

1 comment:

wylde otse said...

funny :o)

I can tell you, because no one else well believe this; I got abducted (10 days
ago) by a criminal gang who thought I was dope dealer...ok, I have long hair now...but I don't even smoke cigaretts :o) - luckily one of the guys was probably undercover, because the cops showed up real quick.

The paranoia around the Olympics here is quite bizzare...they didn't want to let a guy on the bus because he didn't have ID.This is one week before the Olympics, "3 cops on every corner"; the security people are Quite insane.
Anthrax indeed, lol
(oops, now I'm prob. on their 'watch-list' too)